"I took nearly all of my behind-the-wheel lessons from Mr. Grass, and they were fantastic! He was always so relaxed, even when I nearly blew through a stop sign accidentally. He also was surprisingly calm, even while I was merging onto the highway for the first time. Mr. Grass is super fun. During my first behind-the-wheel, he played a game to help me check my blind spots where he hid somewhere just outside of sight of the mirrors and I had to look around to find him. Overall, he is an amazing and engaging teacher who is also a really fun person to be around, especially while learning something as complicated as driving!"

"Mr. Grass was my driving instructor when I had my permit, and he gave me my very first driving lesson ever. In all my lessons and especially the first one, Mr. Grass was very patient as I was learning and knew how to correct my mistakes in a way that made it feel like a safe learning environment. Overall, he was a great teacher and made me feel confident driving on my own once I got my license."

"I was a student of Mr. Grass. He took the time to learn how to drive with only one eye because I am missing my left eye, and he wanted to give me the most authentic teaching possible. I would send anyone to his classes!"

"Mr. Grass is an exceptional driver education instructor. He has the patience and knowledge to properly guide and educate your teen driver. I would recommend Mr. Grass and Bay Driving Academy for anyone with a teen driver."

"I had Mr. Grass during my sophomore year. He made the class fun and he is a really good teacher. When I had lots of questions he would stay late and answer them for me. My buddy had Mr. Grass during the summer and he really liked him as well."

"Both of my kids (now in college) had Mr. Grass as their driver ed teacher. They described him as patient and thorough. I spoke with him a couple of times, and he provided me with some good tips for practicing driving with my kids. He also went out of his way to drive my son home during the winter when I couldn't pick him up after his lesson. He is truly a compassionate person that cares about your kids."

"I requested Mr. Grass as the instructor for my two children. My kids really enjoyed both their classroom instruction, as well as their behind-the-wheel lessons. After every driving lesson, I could clearly see the difference in how each of my teen drivers improved. Mr. Grass is an expert, very thorough, and goes out of his way to ensure that his students are safe drivers. I would recommend Mr. Grass without hesitation!"

"Mr Grass is super flexible and understanding with driving times and appointments. This is very helpful if you have a specific time when you want to get your license and for some reason have to miss a session. Overall a very good driving instructor and would definitely recommend!"