WI Probationary License (Under 18) Requirements:

  • Are at least 16 years old.
  • Have passed an approved driver education course.
  • Have an adult sponsor.
  • Complete a Wisconsin Driver license Application form MV3001 - including your Social Security number.
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship, legal permanent resident status, conditional resident status or temporary visitor status.
  • Provide proof of name and date of birth​.
  • Provide proof of identity​.​
  • Have held an Instruction Permit for at least six months.
  • Have been violation free for six months.
  • Have 50 hours of driving experience (10 of which must be at night).
  • ​Instruction permits issued before July 11, 2021 are required to have 30 hours of practice with 10 hours being at night
  • ​Are enrolled in a school program or high school equivalency program and are not a habitual truant, or have graduated from high school or been granted a declaration of high graduation equivalency, or are enrolled in a home-based private education program.
  • Pass the driving skills test.
  • Pay the necessary fees.

WI Probationary License Restrictions:

If a student is under 18, for the first nine months of holding the probationary license the student may drive but with the following restrictions:

  • From 5 AM to midnight, a student may drive alone and travel anywhere. In addition, any number of immediate family members (including legal guardian) and the following people can be passengers:
    • One person who holds a valid regular (non-probationary) license with at least 2 years of driving experience and who is a person 21 or older or a qualified instructor or spouse 19 or older, and one other person.
  • From midnight to 5 AM and if driving between home, school, and/or work, a student may drive alone. In addition, a student can have the same passengers as listed in number one above. If driving anywhere else, students must have one of the following people in the vehicle:
    • a parent or guardian.
    • any number of immediate family members and one other person.
    • one person who holds a valid regular (non-probationary) license with 2 years of licensed driving experience and one person who is a person 21 or older, a spouse 19 or older, or a qualified instructor 19 or older.

Restrictions will be extended 6 months if the student does any of the following:

  • is convicted of a moving traffic violation.
  • violates any of the restrictions.
  • has license revoked or suspended for any reason.

Note: The terms of the passenger and time-of-day restriction stops while any operating privilege is suspended or revoked. It resumes again when the operating privilege is reinstated.