Teaching teens how to drive is our passion. 

There are few things more anxiety-inducing for a parent or guardian of a teen than teaching them how to drive. As a father, I know first-hand that making decisions about how to provide your child with the best and safest driving experience for a new learner is no small task. This is how Bay Driving Academy began.

As new parents years ago, my wife and I made a purposeful decision to set our family roots in Whitefish Bay. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, so why not this one? Having the ability to access one of the top-rated school districts in the state was definitely one of the higher weighted items. Just as important, however, was the notion of community. We wanted to live in a place where neighbors support each other, small businesses thrive, and needed services are just a few blocks away regardless of where you live.

After spending 18 years in law enforcement, both as a deputy (Milwaukee County) and as a police officer (Whitefish Bay), I was ready to start my next career. As I explored what that could be, I kept myself busy helping out a friend who owned a driving school. Not only did he need someone to help with classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel, but he also needed an extra pair of hands to assist him with the operations of the business. I will be forever grateful for that experience.

As I started to build our business, I reflected on what our community needs. We demand the highest quality, and we want the ease of services and support that can be delivered locally. We also want visibility to the people behind the business. I started Bay Driving Academy knowing, as your fellow resident, what you need and what you demand -- Top-notch service. Choice. Clean, safe vehicles. Local. Visible.